Monday, July 4, 2016

Tynee Talks to Actor JJ Green from OWN’s newest show Greenleaf

Tynee Talks to Actor JJ Green from OWN’s newest show Greenleaf
Photo Courtesy of: JJ Green

I had a really fun and candid conversation with hardworking actor and Flint, MI native, JJ Green. Green has a supporting role on Greenleaf, which comes on every Wednesday on the OWN channel at 10pm EST. 

Tynee Talks: What’s the number one impact you want to portray with your acting?

JJ Green: I want to Glorify God through my acting.

TT: Why does television need a show like Greenleaf?

JJ Green: A show like Greenleaf is so important to television because people are so easily disappointed when the people they place on pedestals actually show their humanity. Greenleaf shows humanity in a place like church where people are generally depicted in an ideal sense. Greenleaf shows you that no matter your position in life, you’re still human and being human isn’t always perfect.

TT: Tell me about your character on Greenleaf.
JJ Green as "Marlon Collins" on Greenleaf

JJ Green: I play “Marlon Collins”, whose younger brother was murdered by a police officer. Marlon leaves college to seek justice for his little brother.

TT: How were you able to identify with your character?

JJ Green: I only have one brother (Aaron) and if it were to happen in real life I would do everything in my power to seek justice.

TT: How does being from Flint, MI give you an advantage in the industry?

JJ Green: Being from Flint gives me an advantage PERIOD! When you’re in this industry you have to have thick skin and when you’re born and raised in Flint, you automatically have thick skin. Flint makes you tougher than the rest of the world. I mean the whole city can’t drink water, yet they are still pushing forward daily.

TT: We’re very resilient folk.

JJ Green: Exactly. We’re so strong, obstacles set before us don’t really seem like obstacles, but rather a way of life.

TT: Any last words?

JJ Green: I’m Single! And, I’m putting on for all the chubby dudes! 
Photo Courtesy of: JJ Green


  1. Good Read! Put on for my city brother!

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