Thursday, April 19, 2018

Tynee Talks: Coffee & Conversation w/ Lev Hunter of The Daily Brew

Tynee Talks: Coffee & Conversation w/ Lev Hunter of The Daily Brew

Listen to this very motivational and inspiring podcast talk with Lev Hunter, creator of The Daily Brew Podcast and his signature coffee, "Granny's Roast." Listen as Lev, tells the story of his relationship with his Grandmother, that sparked his love for coffee and conversation. Lev gives 5 tips own how to market your BRAND. We dive into what it means to be social on social media and what social equity can do for your BRAND to take it to the next level. Click the link below and take a listen!!!

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Lev Hunter Creator of "Granny's Roast"

Tynee Talks: BLACK, MALE, & GAY

Tynee Talks with Brandon B. about what it means to be Black, male and GAY!

On this episode of the Tynee Talks Podcast, I am exploring Black Male homosexuality. I uncover what it means to be queer and black in today's society. We touch on coming out of the closet, being "TRADE", "Down Low Brotha's", Gay's in the church and much, much more... Brandon was so candid and un-apologetically gay and Black in this interview, that you won't want to take your ear buds out!!!

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Tynee Talks to Comedian Ali Siddiq

Tynee Talks to Comedian Ali Siddiq

In this hilarious podcast, I'm talking with Comedian Ali Siddiq about his new comedy special "It's Bigger Than These Bars," that is currently airing on Comedy Central. Ali takes his comedy to the jail stage to give inmates comedic relief and hope. Ali wants former inmates to know that change should occur before to leave from behind those bars. Change begins in the "PEN." Ali's hilarious take on life and his prison stint will have you in tears!!! Ali even gets on me about my Flamin' Hot Cheetos addiction, that I am not ashamed of!! You'll even get a chance to listen to me and Ali role play as Comedian MO'NIQUE and her husband Sydney. You don't want to miss out on this hilarious podcast!

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Tynee Talks: Aisha Howard #anchorbae

Tynee Talks to "Anchor Bae" Aisha "Tanae" Howard.

Aisha "Tanae" Howard is helping to report balanced news and change the face of media. Click the link to check out my fun interview her. We discussed being in relationship "predicaments", image, current affairs, and dating. Plus Black Girl Magic and Black Girl Struggles.

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Tynee Talks: The C.R.O.W.N. Act with Leticia Wilson, M.Ed.

Tynee Talks to Leticia Wilson, M.Ed. about the C.R.O.W.N. Act, which means Creating a Respectful and Open World for Natural hair. Together w...