Saturday, August 20, 2016

Tynee Talks to Fitness Model Ashley Wade

Tynee Talks to Fitness Model Ashley Wade

Ashley Wade
First, and foremost BLACK GIRLS WORKOUT TOO!!!! I am living proof! I’m just thick wit it. I sat down with Ms. Ashley Wade, Commercial fitness model and personal trainer. I attend Fitness classes on Saturdays at Lorna Jane-Dallas, in an effort to become #Wadestrong and ward off my fat demons and Ashley assists me in this quest. I sat down with Ashley to talk about fitness...
Me & Ashley @lornajanedallas discussing fitness

Tynee Talks: What got you into fitness?

Ashley Wade: I’ve been active since I was a little girl. I always wanted a career that would allow me to be active. I began teaching dance classes as a Tween and whenever I was in large groups I was chosen to lead group fitness activities. I’m very passionate about helping and teaching others. I just love how the body functions, so I majored in Kinesiology at Michigan State University and my dream of making fitness into a career came into fruition.

TT: Do you think it’s a myth that Black women don’t work out?

AW: I absolutely believe it is a myth! As Black women, we care about our health and image just as much as any other group. I think the true myth is that people assume fit equates to skinny and that is definitely false. Fitness is universal and should not be based on color. Everyone needs good health no matter what.
Ladies of all flavors getting #wadestrong
TT: You’re my Fitspiration, so who’s your fitspiration?

AW: People who look up to me are my fitspiration. I know that I can’t “fall off” because they are looking up to me for guidance and reassurance.

TT: How is it being a Fitness model?

AW: There’s a lot of pressure being s fitness model. I am not able to eat what I want all the time. I have to appear a certain way on camera therefore, I have to be mindful of the foods I intake so that I don’t look bloated when I am filmed or photographed. It is my job to physically meet the need of the brand I am representing and sometimes that can be challenging. However, I love what I do, and all that it entails.

TT: What are your go-to Power Foods?

AW: Wheat grass, barley and sarsaparilla. I prefer foods that clean the blood and detoxes the body. What you eat can affect your mental state so it's important to select food that improves the body's functionality. 

TT: What is your Fitness Kryptonite?

AW: Cupcakes!!!!!

TT: Final Words?

AW: Keep Going! Discipline is the difference between success or failure.

You can follow Ashley for fitspiration on:
Instagram: @awadefit24 #wadestrong
Snapchat: @awadefit24

Facebook: Ashley Wade

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