Friday, March 31, 2017

Tynee Talks: The latest 411 on Mary J. Blige: She’s hurting Ya’ll!

Tynee Talks: The latest 411 on Mary J. Blige: She’s hurting Ya’ll!

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I’m damn near in tears writing this, because when Mary hurts, we all collectively hurt. The Queen, Mary J. Blige, came into my life when I was seven years old. It was the summer of 1992, and my older sister was able to secure her debut album on cassette tape. We pumped that joint all summer long and well into the fall of that year. We sang our hearts out every day B! We was reminiscing on love we didn’t have and searching for a REAL LOVE. Mary had us hooked and we’d continue to rock with Mary throughout her trials and tribulations well into our adulthood.
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In most recent years, we all thought Mary J, had finally found her REAL LOVE, with a man named Kendu Issacs. But recent events have determined: THAT WAS A LIE! Come to find out, the turtle face a** ninja was doing Mary dirty. In every photo op Mary was smiling from ear to ear. We thought Mary was truly happy because, no longer were her songs riddled in pain. Some would argue that when Mary is happy her songs and albums are not that great. And as you all know, when Mary is pleading for love and plagued with heartache, it only means one thing: HER ALBUM WILL BE FIRE!
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But, today as I sat glued to my screen, watching Mary’s Breakfast Club interview about her upcoming album and impending divorce, I was grief stricken by her saddened demeanor and strained smiles. During that interview Mary looked like the personification of all of her songs. She looked like she was a lover and secretary for eleven years. She looked like she was going down ya’ll. She looked like if we looked into her life and seen what she’s seen, we couldn’t handle it, not even for a minute. She looked like she was sitting here, wondering why he didn’t love her! But, Mary said to herself, I’m not gon cry, I’m not gon she no tears, and handled herself like the resilient woman she is.
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Mary is hurting ya’ll and all I want to do is wrap my arms around her while we binge watch Netflix and eat junk food. I want to make Mary laugh from deep down in her soul. I know that due to these unfortunate circumstances, our ears will be blessed, but I hate that it had to come at the expense of her broken heart, yet again.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Tynee Talks: Missing Black Girls... It's a problem!


So, let’s just get right to it! You may or may not know that BLACK GIRLS ARE MISSING! If it weren’t for Facebook, I probably wouldn’t know either because major news outlets don’t care about BLACK GIRLS! Don’t argue with me on this, the proof is in the reporting! 14 Black girls have gone missing in Washington, D.C. in the last couple of days and around the country as of recent, yet no one is looking for them except their Mommas. This is a major problem, because everybody and they Momma should be looking for these girls. I mean, isn’t the FBI headquarters in D.C.? That alone should have had these girls safe and sound with their families within 24 hours.

Mind you, just a few weeks ago, Tom Brady lost his Superbowl jersey. America was in a panic, and the FBI put out an APB and found that mug in Mexico with the quickness! Did ya’ll catch that? The FBI desperately searched to find a piece of fabric, just because it belonged to TOM BRADY! 
That sends a message that blatantly shows that Black girls and women are not valuable in this country. Black girls are coming up missing at alarming rates, yet there isn’t a Keshia ALERT aka an Amber Alert going off around the clock in the United States. This deeply disturbs me for the following reasons: 1. I’m a Black woman in America! 2. I educate young Black girls daily and I’d be totally devastated if one of them went missing 3. We’ve been looking for Jon Benet Ramsey’s killer since I was 5 years old, and clearly I’m in my damn 30’s, soooo… it’s pretty safe to safe to say: HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM!

Michael Jackson tried to warn us that they don’t really care about us. So please, take heed, and let this be another reminder that we have to lookout for each other. Below is a list of precautions to take to avoid being taken:

Don’t go anywhere alone, especially at night.

Carry some pepper spray with you at all times.

Carry a sharp object on your person.

If you don’t already know how to fight, you betta get to practicing. I’m sure there’s a YouTube Tutorial

Perfect your loud screams and yells!

If someone grabs you, yell the following statement: I’M A WHITE WOMAN HEEEEELLLLLPPPP!!!

Use Facebook check-in/location

Always tell at least one person where you’re going

*Sidenote: If I ever come up missing ya’ll better call Liam Neeson to come find me! Seriously!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Tynee Talks: SXSW: 5 reasons why you should attend!

Tynee Talks: SXSW: 5 reasons why you should attend!

South by Southwest (SXSW) is a conglomerate of film, media, and music festivals and conferences. If you’re a lover of entertainment, weirdness, music, and a whole bunch of people living on the edge of tomorrow, then South By is the place to be. It’s a place where dreams turn into reality. I had my first SXSW experience in 2012 with my crew, rapper/producer Jon Connor & All Varsity Entertainment, LLC (AV Squad). Our goal was to make a big splash in the music industry, leave our mark at SXSW, and get our unsigned artist, Jon Connor signed to a major label.**  We accomplished all goals! I told ya’ll SXSW is a place where dreams turn into reality.
That's me with  Jon Connor and the Squad 

5 years after I trudged through the streets of Downtown Austin, chanting down 6th Street yelling: “South By Squad West” and “BLUE CITY CLUB: YOU KNOW! “in army fatigues, Jon Connor t-shirts, combat boots, picket signs, and free cd’s; I returned. I returned to the place that has launched a thousand careers; this time, not as a soldier, but as a civilian and it was exhilarating.
Me as a Civilian

So relax and take note and understand why you should come to SXSW before you die!

Get yo’ music heard
If you’re an aspiring artist, SXSW is a place to get your music heard by people from all over the world. It’s basically like the personification of putting your music on an internet site. The difference is, you get to touch, feel, and see the people you’re giving your art to. Plus they don’t troll your shit, like they do on the internet. I mean they may throw your cd down after they get 10 steps away from you, but hey that’s the thrill of it all.
Love & Hip Hop New York's own DJ Drewski from Hot 97

If you’re a consumer of music, then you definitely need to go to SXSW. You get tons of free music, ranging from: free music performances at dope venues, free CD’s (for the old fashioned music listener like myself), and random street performances. Your ears get a chance to vibe off the next new hot artist before they blow and you get to be the one to say: I been up on (Insert Artist Here)
Next to Blow: GoGettas @GoGettasMusic 

The folks in your own city may not fuck with your movement or your music, but everyone is so supportive at South By.  I mean, you could be at a spot where there’s 20 acts performing and 15 of those people suck, but they’d never know because everyone is mad supportive. Artists are giving other artists mad props and support. Everyone gets a round of applause. That support is what you need in the cut throat music world. The overwhelming support you receive at SXSW is the glimmer of hope you need to keep pursuing your dreams. The shits amazing!


Dope Ass People
In your everyday life, you’re probably used to personal space and normality.  You can forget about that shit at SXSW. There’s so many people!!! You’re only millimeters away from somebody at all times, but you don’t care because the energy and vibes are so crazy.  You come across weed sellers with marijuana wigs, half naked men and women, dream readers, dream seekers, and some indescribable peeps every 5 steps. But it’s all good, because people you’ve never met in your life, instantly turn into your best friends! Music is the great connector and SXSW proves it.

You can promote yourself, however you see fit! Business cards, t-shirts, picket signs, Snapchat filters, posters, caravans, huge amplifiers blasting your music, semi-trucks, you name it, it was there! If you leave with nothing else, you at least learn how to brand and market yourself in a variety of ways.
These guys came heavy with the PROMO

I could probably write a whole dissertation on why you should attend SXSW before you die, but ain’t nobody got time for that!
Just be sure to make your way to Austin City Limits the second week in March and I promise you it’ll change your life!

                                        **Jon Connor is now signed to Dr. Dre’s Aftermath**

Monday, March 6, 2017


Am I a Fictional Thot?

Over the last year or so there has been an abundance of fine male characters gracing the nation’s television screens and I have had impure thoughts about 90% of them. This led me to believe that I am a Fictional Thot. My best friend brought the diagnosis to my attention, as of recent, when I was telling her how fine Wes from How to Get Away with Murder is, and how I wanted to make out with him in Professor Keating’s home office. She pointed out to me that I said something similar about Noah, from Underground, Darius from Atlanta, Ralph Angel from Queen Sugar, Remy from House of Cards, Ricky Jerrett from Ballers, and the list goes on and on.

It then hit me, like Chris Brown hit Rihanna in 2009. I realized that I have been a Fictional Thot since my childhood. At age 4, I declared Ricky from New Edition as my first boyfriend, because he was cute, or so I thought. My childhood eyes had deceived me. After watching the New Edition Story on BET, I Googled his old images and proceeded to have a self-talk with myself. Ricky was the first, but her surely wouldn’t be my last fictional boo! The now defunct boy group The Boys, were my boyfriends’, just because they said they would Dial my heart! Q, from Juice was my boyfriend, because he had, what I learned in later years to be SWAG. Dwayne Wayne and was my boyfriend solely because he was goofy and had cool glasses. Bud from the Cosby Show was my boyfriend because he liked Rudy, and I thought I was Rudy.  Come to think of it, it didn’t take much for me to make you my boyfriend. Wtf, was wrong with me?

Anyway, I’ve come to the conclusion that as long as I’m not acting on these impulses in real life; I can continue to conjure up naughty fantasies in my mind. I can have as many television and movie boyfriends as my mind can hold! 

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