Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Tynee Talks Lift Every Voice with Photographer E. Mackey

Photo courtesy of E. Mackey

In this episode Tynee Talks is joined by visual storyteller, photographer, and author, E. Mackey and Consultant Maxine Gray.

Tynee has an endearing and heartfelt conversation with E. Mackey about his new visual history book, entitled: "Lift Every Voice." "Lift Every Voice" takes you on an 11 month journey as Mackey chronicles the civil unrest, 2020 riots & protests that have taken place all over the United States, due to the brutal murders of unarmed Black men. E. Mackey explains how Ahmad Arbery's death shook him to the core and how Black women continue to spread the magic all over the country through their love and dedication to the movement.

Lift Every Voice is a concise examination of how the sins of America's past evolved into a painful reality that was obscured until a global movement declared that Black lives matter.

Get into this edutaining conversation.

#lifteveryvoice​ #blacklivesmatter​

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