Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Applying for a J-O-B in today's society...

Work, work, work, work, work, work....
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Although Rihanna makes "Work" look super fantastic, the process it takes before actually getting work is a hot mess!

Applying for a job in 2016 is THE WORST! You really have to prepare yourself before you even attempt to apply for a position, and an entry level position at that. You have to mentally pull yourself together to apply for a job, even if said job only pays $8.00 an hour. 

You have to research the company, familiarize yourself with the position, give a vial of blood, sacrifice your first born son, and do a séance, all before you even land an interview; this is during the application process. What really grinds my gears is when you’re applying and it states that you can’t substitute your work history with your resume` and then ten pages later they require that you attach your resume`. Go figure. 

One day I was perusing on  for funzies and came across a job that required you to write an essay for a position that paid a mere $12.00 per hour. I felt so disrespected and I wasn’t even going to apply for said job. Now if the job was in the 5 figure or 6 figure neighborhood, I could understand, but for $12, I was giving this company a whole heap of side eye. I mean applying for a job in today’s society requires so much. Gone are the days of just filling out an application, going to an interview in a blue or black suit, laying on the charm and landing the job. Nope, in today’s job market you must do the following:

1.       Set aside at least 1 full day to apply for jobs

2.       Ask your physician to prescribe you Xanax for the anxiety you’re going to experience while applying

3.       Make sure your computer is insured (In case you throw it)
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4.       Fast & Pray
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5.       Seek counseling
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*Consider Entrepreneurship*
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