Tynee Talks to "Skin Like Mine" Author LaTashia Perry

Tynee Talks to Black Children's Book Author: LaTashia Perry
Author LaTashia Perry
Photo provided by LaTashia

LaTashia Perry is a modern day renaissance woman. Some may even refer to her as a Virtuous woman. She is a wife, mother of 5, children's book author, Lactation Coach, hair stylist, fashion stylist, and entrepreneur. I'm not sure if she's actually Diana Prince, moonlighting as LaTashia, but it's safe to say that this woman is definitely a WONDER. Mrs. Perry is strong enough to bear the children and get back to business. 

Listen to my latest Tynee talks Podcast interview with LaTashia as she talks about what prompted her to write a children's book series centered on the likeness of African-American children, her adventures raising five kids ranging from ages 20 months to 15 years old, and balancing a business, all while finding alone time with her high school sweetheart husband Virgil. 

Follow LaTashia on Instagram: @4kidslikemine 

LaTashia's books and products can be purchased at

CLICK the Link Below to Listen to the Podcast


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