Friday, July 29, 2016

Tynee Talks Top 10 Foolery of the Week

Tynee Talks Top 10 Foolery of the Week

In case you you’ve been in a coma or somehow took the blue pill and declined being in the Matrix for a while, chances are you missed a whole heap of foolishness this week. I present to you: THE HIGHLIGHTS of this week’s FUCKERY!

  • Lil Bow Wow apparently ain’t Black… Who knew?
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  • Jackie Christie still M-E-S-S-Y... How old is too old? Asking for a friend...
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  • I’m convinced that Mona Scott Young got the cast of LHHATL from a comic book store located in the bowels of Wal-Mart aka HELL
  • Deelishis done got on Stevie J’s bus 
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  • Mimi is now an interior designer and will be installing shower rods (No pun intended, I kid, I kid)
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  • Trump is still running for President of the United States of America 
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  • Pastor Troy told Minnie he ain’t bout no titles, wasn’t too pressed about her alleged “miscarriage” and the look on her LITTLE face sent me! (Little Women ATLANTA)
  • Momma Dee has a new song, hence someone is giving special Needs persons a chance
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  • Apparently, Slaves who built the White House had it good according to Bill O'Reilly; how he came to that conclusion leads me to believe that Cocaine is a hell of a drug!
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  • Lastly, we’re at WAR with KOREA people! Hide yo kids! Hide yo wife! Let us PRAY. Amen. 
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Monday, July 25, 2016

Tynee Talks to Mama’s Healing Hands Creator: Amber Hasan

Tynee Talks to Mama’s Healing Hands Creator: Amber Hasan
Photo Credit: Humans of Flint
Tynee Talks: What made you concoct your potion for Mama’s Healing Hands?
Naturally Made Product
Photo Provided by: Amber Hasan
Amber Hasan: My daughter lost her hair. I thought, maybe it was from braids or the contaminated Flint water. I wasn’t too sure. Her doctor prescribed shampoo, cream, and a pill. To no avail, a bald spot developed on her head the size of an adult hand, and the scalp appeared to look like fried bacon.

TT: Do you think the doctor over prescribed your daughter?

AH: No.

TT: When you saw the appearance of her scalp what came to mind?

AH: Hair plays a major role in how little girls feel about themselves, so it was important that I do something immediately to help her self-esteem. I studied herbs a few years back.  I played around with a few recipes, came up with one that I liked, and started putting them on my daughter’s scalp. Within 2 months her bald spots had hair.
Mama's Healing Hands is Packaged in Mason Jars
Photo Provided By: Amber Hasan 

TT: Why is scalp and hair maintenance important?

AH: Overall health is important. The body is one whole system and we tend to focus on one part at a time. Allow your scalp to rest. If you don’t rest your scalp you can and will cause your hair distress.

TT: Why do edges matter?

*Hysterical Laughter*

AH: Edges matter because...
   A.      Hair is tied to our self-esteem as women, especially Black women. Black women are spending beaucoup dollars for hair growth
    B.      You look crazy without EDGES!
    C.      It’s a clear message that something ain’t right with your health, could be stress related.
    D.       If missing EDGES runs in your family, don’t wear Genie Ponytails or visit the AFRICANS!

TT: I’m cracking up, you are hilarious!

AH: I’m just sayin

TT: Back in the day did you lay you edges down with LET’S JAM or PRO-STYLE GEL?
Photo Credit:

AH: LET’S JAM! I went to Southwestern Academy a.k.a. S-Dub, so I couldn’t be caught out here with flakes in my hair like the girls at that other “Dub” that PRO-STYLE provided!

TT: Currently, are your EDGES anchored in the LORD?
AH: Firmly planted.

TT: What’s the most challenging part of being an Entrepreneur?

AH: Finding a work/life balance i.e., pulling yourself away from work, setting boundaries with yourself, and having a schedule. You have to be your own Checks & Balances.

TT: Final Words?

AH: I want women not to be ashamed if they experience hair loss. Don’t try a quick fix. See a physician and find out what’s wrong. Love yourself and buy my product!

*I am an avid user of Mama’s Healing Hands, and it is working miracles in my hair and scalp.*
Me after I used Mama's Healing Hands
My hair was so soft
Mama’s healing Hands can be purchased at: or the Local Grocer in Downtown Flint, MI.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016



I don’t know him and I don’t know the ones that came before him, yet I feel like I’ve known him my entire life. My heart aches and my stomach has knots. It feels as if it is the death of my Father, brother, first-cousin, or uncle. I’ve known death my entire life. We’ve had a few encounters, including the time I found a dead body in the parking lot of my apartment complex. My Father was murdered when I was a mere six months old. I’m very familiar with death, blood, violence, and murder, because I’m from Flint, Michigan.

But this isn’t about me. This is about a man known as the “CD Man”. Everybody knows the “CD Man”. The “CD Man” is cool, means no harm, and causes no trouble. In “hoods” across America, the “CD Man” is a neighborhood staple, just like the liquor store, or church. We all know him. Maybe that’s why it hurts. It hurts because he was trying to obtain the “American Dream” by way of hustling CD’s. CNN, MSNBC, and many news outlets always talk about multiple streams of income, and when you’re from the hood, bootleg cd’s is a legit side-hustle, to get that additional stream of cash flow.

Before there was Netflix and Chill, people sought out the “CD Man” for a night with Bae or just kicking it with the homies. So, before the media has a field day tainting the image of Mr. Alton Sterling. Before they replay his brutal murder in the news cycle over and over again; let us say a pray for his soul. Let us say a prayer for his family, and let’s say a prayer for his community that will now have a void, because the “CD Man” is no more.

REST IN PEACE Mr. Alton Sterlin


Monday, July 4, 2016

Tynee Talks to Actor JJ Green from OWN’s newest show Greenleaf

Tynee Talks to Actor JJ Green from OWN’s newest show Greenleaf
Photo Courtesy of: JJ Green

I had a really fun and candid conversation with hardworking actor and Flint, MI native, JJ Green. Green has a supporting role on Greenleaf, which comes on every Wednesday on the OWN channel at 10pm EST. 

Tynee Talks: What’s the number one impact you want to portray with your acting?

JJ Green: I want to Glorify God through my acting.

TT: Why does television need a show like Greenleaf?

JJ Green: A show like Greenleaf is so important to television because people are so easily disappointed when the people they place on pedestals actually show their humanity. Greenleaf shows humanity in a place like church where people are generally depicted in an ideal sense. Greenleaf shows you that no matter your position in life, you’re still human and being human isn’t always perfect.

TT: Tell me about your character on Greenleaf.
JJ Green as "Marlon Collins" on Greenleaf

JJ Green: I play “Marlon Collins”, whose younger brother was murdered by a police officer. Marlon leaves college to seek justice for his little brother.

TT: How were you able to identify with your character?

JJ Green: I only have one brother (Aaron) and if it were to happen in real life I would do everything in my power to seek justice.

TT: How does being from Flint, MI give you an advantage in the industry?

JJ Green: Being from Flint gives me an advantage PERIOD! When you’re in this industry you have to have thick skin and when you’re born and raised in Flint, you automatically have thick skin. Flint makes you tougher than the rest of the world. I mean the whole city can’t drink water, yet they are still pushing forward daily.

TT: We’re very resilient folk.

JJ Green: Exactly. We’re so strong, obstacles set before us don’t really seem like obstacles, but rather a way of life.

TT: Any last words?

JJ Green: I’m Single! And, I’m putting on for all the chubby dudes! 
Photo Courtesy of: JJ Green

Tynee Talks: The C.R.O.W.N. Act with Leticia Wilson, M.Ed.

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