Thursday, September 14, 2023


Heeeeeeyyyyy Talkers!!!! I am so happy to return to the airwaves on your cell phones, computer screens, and iPads, with a new season of the Tynee Talks Podcast! Can you believe I am on season 7???? I am in awe of the growth and wealth of knowledge we've learned throughout the years.

Hopefully you all took some time to connect with family and friends over the summer and enjoy some relaxation before heading back to school, or work, or just simply making it to the 4th quarter of the year.
As I start a new podcast season, I want to first reflect on last year and thank you for your tremendous dedication to listening, commenting, sharing, and/or subscribing to the podcast. So many things have happened within a year.
Although, I had a pretty awesome, year, I must admit, I had a rough start to getting this season off the ground. Simply put, I was tired and unmotivated. For some reason, I didn't have the same tenacity as I did in previous seasons. I just felt exhausted and blah! People were transitioning out of my life and I was just having growing pains at my big age. However, I had to do like the song and just encourage myself to keep going. I had to tell myself that my purpose for podcasting was greater than my willingness to give up. Someone needed to see me keep going, so they would in turn, keep going.

Everyday I see podcast clips of the same conversation of men vs. women, and women vs. men and truth is I'm tired! Donnie McClurkin been told ya'll we need each other to survive, but I digress. Essentially, I want my podcast to be greater than the war on love. I want to use my platform to encourage, inspire, and of course entertain.
So, if you were like me and in need of some serious motivation to keep moving in your purpose, your dream, or you just need a little push to make it from day to day, be sure to listen to the first episode of the season entitled, "Finding Your Magic," with author and book publisher, Ren Lowe.

Take a listen to the episode, tell me what you think, and be sure to share with others.
All my love,

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