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Tynee Talks: Token Black Girl with Danielle Prescod

  Tynee Talks to Danielle Prescod about her best-selling book "Token Black Girl" Token Black Girl is part memoir, part narrative nonfiction, Token Black Girl, is an exploration of the ways that modern media can influence one’s self-esteem. In the episode we explore how white supremacy is the basis of tokenism. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN #danielleprescod #tyneetalkspodcast #tokenblackgirl This episode is brought to you by: SZN 7 Sponsor: 810 TACOS Seasoning 810 Tacos is a premium seasoning pack made with 9 high-quality, fresh spices that are low in sodium and maxed out in flavor! "Made for tacos, Delicious on Everything!" Use Code: TYNEETALKSTACOS and receive FREE SHIPPING on orders $20 or more Sponsor Links: WEBSITE: INSTAGRAM: Facebook: Guest Links: Website: Instagram: Twitter:

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