Thursday, October 24, 2019


Tynee Talks to Dani Celebrity, Founder & President of the Mamas into Living Fabulous Academy.

The MILF Academy is a lifestyle brand bridging the gap between being a Mama and Living Fabulous. In this episode you'll learn what it means to be a MILF and what the four pillars of MILF'ing it entails.

There are four pillars that are founded under THE MILF ACADEMY:
Pillar 1: MILF Finance (the money sign on the logo/ trademark) which covers financial help and assistance to all mothers.

Pillar 2:  MILF Meals (the spoon and fork sign on the logo) which covers healthy and yummy meals for the everyday mother.

Pillar 3: MILF Fitness (the F on the logo) which embodies MILF Slay classes that mamas attend on a biweekly basis.

Pillar 4:  MILF Slay (the eye on the logo) which embodies the well-roundedness of a mother; from beauty tops to dating tips.

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IG: @danicelebrity
IG: @milfacdemy
YouTube: Dani Celebrity


Monday, October 7, 2019



Photo Courtesy of STARZ

Power #Recap brought to you by Tynee Talks
1. My Lil Pony came back to bite SAXE in the a**!
2. Big Grimm ain't have to go out like dat! Rest up Big Guy 
3. Tate's stroke game and ol girl's throw it back game is A1 
4. Tate bought turned into a ghost when he saw that Ghost didn't kill Derek 
5. Hellen Keller & Blind Bartimeus can see Tariq is a lying SOB, and yet GHOST out here as delusional as Khloe on a date with Tristian 
6. TARIQ & Tash gone kill Ghost, they got motive and every reason in the book to cancel is a**
7. KEISHA caught a body and still ain't TRAP Queen material. Take the money and run HEFFA! 
8. Why Keisha's death ain't come as fast as Holly's demise is BEYOND ME!
9. If I never saw TARIQ again a day in my life, it still wouldn't be long enough, that GRIMEY LOW DOWN SCUM BAG gotta go!
10. Dre bout be on a rampage, but he need to cut that bracelet STAT!
11. Ramona Garrity bout to be throwing it back on GHOST in 2.5 seconds, she can't wait to bang that ni**a
12. Jason better count his days, cause once Tommy & Ghost get a common enemy: ISSA WRAP 

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Tynee Talks: Aging in Rap with Memphis Rapper PPaul DStar

Tynee Talks Aging in Rap: When is it time to Rap it up?

Memphis Rapper: PPaulDStar

I'm a huge fan of Hip Hop and Rap. My favorite rap song is "JUICY" by the Notorious B.I.G. I will be rapping that song verbatim until I'm 102 years old! Needless to say, the song is timeless and classic.
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However, oftentimes in Rap, the rapper himself, isn't as accepted as time moves on. Some people believe that there is an age cap in rap. Although they say rock stars never die, in the rap community, they can be killed off after one album, and sometimes after one song. Memphis Rapper, PPaulDStar, is a rapper that many consider "of age" 

Click on the link below and check out his perspective on what it means to age in the rap game.

Continue the conversation on the Tynee Talks Podcast:

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