Monday, October 7, 2019



Photo Courtesy of STARZ

Power #Recap brought to you by Tynee Talks
1. My Lil Pony came back to bite SAXE in the a**!
2. Big Grimm ain't have to go out like dat! Rest up Big Guy 
3. Tate's stroke game and ol girl's throw it back game is A1 
4. Tate bought turned into a ghost when he saw that Ghost didn't kill Derek 
5. Hellen Keller & Blind Bartimeus can see Tariq is a lying SOB, and yet GHOST out here as delusional as Khloe on a date with Tristian 
6. TARIQ & Tash gone kill Ghost, they got motive and every reason in the book to cancel is a**
7. KEISHA caught a body and still ain't TRAP Queen material. Take the money and run HEFFA! 
8. Why Keisha's death ain't come as fast as Holly's demise is BEYOND ME!
9. If I never saw TARIQ again a day in my life, it still wouldn't be long enough, that GRIMEY LOW DOWN SCUM BAG gotta go!
10. Dre bout be on a rampage, but he need to cut that bracelet STAT!
11. Ramona Garrity bout to be throwing it back on GHOST in 2.5 seconds, she can't wait to bang that ni**a
12. Jason better count his days, cause once Tommy & Ghost get a common enemy: ISSA WRAP 

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