Tynee Talks Top 10 Foolery of the Week

Tynee Talks Top 10 Foolery of the Week

In case you you’ve been in a coma or somehow took the blue pill and declined being in the Matrix for a while, chances are you missed a whole heap of foolishness this week. I present to you: THE HIGHLIGHTS of this week’s FUCKERY!

  • Lil Bow Wow apparently ain’t Black… Who knew?
    Photo Credit: Instagram
  • Jackie Christie still M-E-S-S-Y... How old is too old? Asking for a friend...
    Photo Credit: classyblackgirl.com 
  • I’m convinced that Mona Scott Young got the cast of LHHATL from a comic book store located in the bowels of Wal-Mart aka HELL
  • Deelishis done got on Stevie J’s bus 
    Photo Credit: lipstickalley.com 
  • Mimi is now an interior designer and will be installing shower rods (No pun intended, I kid, I kid)
    Photo Credit: @MrKitt215 
  • Trump is still running for President of the United States of America 
    Photo Credit: perezhilton.com 
  • Pastor Troy told Minnie he ain’t bout no titles, wasn’t too pressed about her alleged “miscarriage” and the look on her LITTLE face sent me! (Little Women ATLANTA)
  • Momma Dee has a new song, hence someone is giving special Needs persons a chance
    Photo Credit: rickeysmileymorningshow.com 
  • Apparently, Slaves who built the White House had it good according to Bill O'Reilly; how he came to that conclusion leads me to believe that Cocaine is a hell of a drug!
    Photo Credit:
  • Lastly, we’re at WAR with KOREA people! Hide yo kids! Hide yo wife! Let us PRAY. Amen. 
    Photo Credit: diylol.com 


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