Tynee Talks to Mama’s Healing Hands Creator: Amber Hasan

Tynee Talks to Mama’s Healing Hands Creator: Amber Hasan
Photo Credit: Humans of Flint
Tynee Talks: What made you concoct your potion for Mama’s Healing Hands?
Naturally Made Product
Photo Provided by: Amber Hasan
Amber Hasan: My daughter lost her hair. I thought, maybe it was from braids or the contaminated Flint water. I wasn’t too sure. Her doctor prescribed shampoo, cream, and a pill. To no avail, a bald spot developed on her head the size of an adult hand, and the scalp appeared to look like fried bacon.

TT: Do you think the doctor over prescribed your daughter?

AH: No.

TT: When you saw the appearance of her scalp what came to mind?

AH: Hair plays a major role in how little girls feel about themselves, so it was important that I do something immediately to help her self-esteem. I studied herbs a few years back.  I played around with a few recipes, came up with one that I liked, and started putting them on my daughter’s scalp. Within 2 months her bald spots had hair.
Mama's Healing Hands is Packaged in Mason Jars
Photo Provided By: Amber Hasan 

TT: Why is scalp and hair maintenance important?

AH: Overall health is important. The body is one whole system and we tend to focus on one part at a time. Allow your scalp to rest. If you don’t rest your scalp you can and will cause your hair distress.

TT: Why do edges matter?

*Hysterical Laughter*

AH: Edges matter because...
   A.      Hair is tied to our self-esteem as women, especially Black women. Black women are spending beaucoup dollars for hair growth
    B.      You look crazy without EDGES!
    C.      It’s a clear message that something ain’t right with your health, could be stress related.
    D.       If missing EDGES runs in your family, don’t wear Genie Ponytails or visit the AFRICANS!

TT: I’m cracking up, you are hilarious!

AH: I’m just sayin

TT: Back in the day did you lay you edges down with LET’S JAM or PRO-STYLE GEL?
Photo Credit: http://www.talkingheadsextensionswholesale.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/300-1.jpg

AH: LET’S JAM! I went to Southwestern Academy a.k.a. S-Dub, so I couldn’t be caught out here with flakes in my hair like the girls at that other “Dub” that PRO-STYLE provided!

TT: Currently, are your EDGES anchored in the LORD?
AH: Firmly planted.

TT: What’s the most challenging part of being an Entrepreneur?

AH: Finding a work/life balance i.e., pulling yourself away from work, setting boundaries with yourself, and having a schedule. You have to be your own Checks & Balances.

TT: Final Words?

AH: I want women not to be ashamed if they experience hair loss. Don’t try a quick fix. See a physician and find out what’s wrong. Love yourself and buy my product!

*I am an avid user of Mama’s Healing Hands, and it is working miracles in my hair and scalp.*
Me after I used Mama's Healing Hands
My hair was so soft
Mama’s healing Hands can be purchased at: mamashealinghands.com or the Local Grocer in Downtown Flint, MI.


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