Thursday, June 23, 2016


Bye Ayesha: Hello Savannah
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Not sure if Ayesha Curry received the memo yet, but she just got booted from the top spot as resident Head NBA Wife in Charge (HNBAWINC). Sorry Boo Boo Kitty, but your time is up and there is a new Champion in town, known as King James (Lebron).  As the new Royal kid on the block, it’s only right that his Queen i.e. Savanna, reign supreme with him as you sit in the audience and Watch The Throne!
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Ayesha girl, you were living life like it was golden, throwing shade from left to right, from the West to the East, and from the North to the South. Ayesha, you were Eclipsin’ hoes on Twitter like no tomorrow honey. But, baaaaaaby, it’s a new day and Queen Savannah will be taking her position as the New HNBAWIC! Hell, Wendy Williams, has already stated publicly that you should be more like Savanna and give those Twitter fingers a rest. #BeLikeSavannah #PlayYourPosition #BeQuiet

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Savannah will now be featured in Memes with her husband with the hashtag #RelationshipGoals. All dudes across America gone be like: “I wanna girl like Savannah.” It never fails. People are shallow! Savannah will be representing for the brown girls who didn’t feel like they fit in the Ayesha Curry lane. Everything will be about SAVANNAH! Meanwhile, Ayesha you and Chef Curry and all ya’ll pots can now fill those pots with HOE TEARS and ya’ll TEARS TOO! 
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  1. This is hilariously petty and interesting nonetheless. I think it is funny Ayesha was men's darling until she started tweeting and being vocal all of sudden she needs to take seats.

    As man I can't tell a woman what she should or should not be like. Ayesha Curry and Savannah James are their own women who we tend to look at as extensions of their spouses. But in all reality they are the women build these men up so they can be who they are


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