Monday, June 24, 2019



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*Brandon's character will not be returning due to alleged sexual allegations* Jerricka's character has the option to return, but she may not*

1. I'm glad Ronnie was freed from his internal prison, by finally confronting his biological dad. Also glad, his bio-dad apologized and hopefully they can move forward
2. Emmett needs a vasectomy STAT
3. I hope Kevin learned his lesson to not allow his friends' to decide who he should date. But I also understand the power of peer pressure...
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4. Dudah, sacrificed Reg as a truce to the rival gang
5. I hope Jake doesn't get caught up in the street life, but I think that he will be groomed to take over 69 territory
6. Jerrika & Brandon were never going to work. They were both holding on to their upbringing rather than focusing on developing their "new normal"
7. Jerrika was steeped in respectability politics and the Black Elite bourgeoisie culture
8. Brandon didn't desire to be Bourgeois
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9. Jada broke the cardinal rule: Never ever give your babydaddy the goods! Once it's over your vag should be dead to him
10. Kevin is torn between leaving his friends and bettering his future by attending the "good school"... That's a damn shame! That right there is systemic racism, capitalism, separatism, a whole lot of isms. All children should have equality in their education

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