Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Tynee Talks: Procreation Practice with her Top 5

Procreation Practice with my Top Five

Listen, if we lived in a perfect world, every 5 years I’d marry and divorce the men in my dreams, so that I could have Procreation Practice on the regular. Procreation Practice is the act of intercourse without any intention of having children or procreating some form of life. I mean I ain’t trying to have a gang of kids populating the Earth and I don’t want to be considered a heaux; so, the best option is to marry and divorce these hotties and get plenty of practice in the meantime. In a perfect world I’d have Procreation Practice aka do the naked tango, aka do the no pants dance, aka share my lady parts with the following Top 5 perfect humans:

Noah aka Aldis Hodge
I have previously told ya’ll I would gladly transport back to slavery if Aldis/Noah was leading me through the Underground Railroad. I’m here for procreation practice in a shack.
Photo Credit: Brian To / WENN

Ralph Angel Bordelon  aka Kofi Siriboe
Procreation practice with this heartthrob would be everything! We could practice in the middle of the sugarcane farm or on a tractor. I wouldn’t even care if he cried about Darla afterwards.
Aug. 28, 2016 - Source: Mike Windle/Getty Images North America
Cotton Mouth aka Mahershala Ali
I’d have procreation practice in a New York minute with Cotton Mouth on a subway to Harlem on a rooftop of his club under the Moonlight. (See what I did there?)
Photo Credit: http://www.denofgeek.com/uk/tv/marvels-luke-cage/44167/marvels-luke-cage-mahershala-ali-cottonmouth-interview

 Marshawn Lynch
Although he’s retired, procreation practice on the 50 yard line is still ideal. I’d be like: “Aye Marshawn, you know why I’m here!”

John David Washington
John David is procreation practice worthy because No. 1 he’s fine as hell!  And No. 2, he’s Denzel Washington’s offspring! And from what I’m told an apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. So, it’s pretty apparent that knocking boots with John David on any stage or movie set is the best thing for my life. As a matter fact, practice would turn into game time, because I definitely would need to produce a child from this man. He's a keeper and I wouldn't divorce him for obvious reasons. 
Photo Credit: Getty Images and HBO

Tell me who you’re trying to have Procreation Practice with… 


  1. Charles Michael Davis
    Chadwicks Boseman
    Michael B. Jordan
    Lewis Hamilton
    Theo James (for diversity)

    Jessie T. Usher
    Jordan Fisher
    Keiynan Lonsdale
    Alfredo Enoch


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