Saturday, January 30, 2016


Get you a Beverly…

A “Beverly” is someone in your life that will give it to you straight, no chaser. A “Beverly” will let you know when you’re being a plumb fool and a “Beverly” won’t let you keep having children by a manipulating jack ass! A “Beverly” will pray over your life and make sure you don’t continue to make the same mistakes.
The “Beverly” in my life happened to be my Mother Beverly.

Because of Beverly's words of wisdom I was able to walk away from a situation that could have had me in a similar situation as Amina, Tara and Peter the Great Manipulator. Only difference was, my guy wasn’t a married man.  One of the best pieces of advice Beverly gave was: “Don’t have no more babies by him.” Those words saved me from a whole heap of heartache. Don’t get me wrong, I love my baby-daddy aka my son’s father, he’s a wonderful Dad, but having multiple children with him wouldn’t have been healthy for my heart or my mind during that time in our lives. And since, prison isn’t on my list of goals, the better option for us was to co-parent.

I say all that to say: If Tara Wallace had a “Beverly” in her life, we wouldn’t be witnessing this hot mess love triangle unfold on national television. Beverly would have been told her to stop that stupid shit. I hardly ever discuss Tara negatively, and people often wonder why, since I usually go in hard on other Love & Hip Hop cast members. Truth is, I love me some Tara Wallace and we have history with one another. Tara and I worked together on a stage play and although we’re not besties, we are kindred spirits. She has a charming personality, much like myself. She is sweet and funny and she loves her boys. What can I say, I love nice, funny people.
Tara Wallace and I backstage at our stage play.
I try not to get all “judgie” because I know first-hand that love will make you do some crazy things (In my Deborah Cox voice). My college roommate’s grandmother once told me that love will make you stick your head up a pig’s ass! 

At 18 years old, I didn’t understand that analogy, but after living a little, loving a lot and experiencing heartache for myself; I fully understand what she meant. And what we are witnessing ladies and gentleman is 2 women with their heads up a pig’s ass! We’ve all played some kind of fool before; many of you still are, and many of us were just lucky enough to have a “Beverly” in our life to speak some sense into us and get us out of the situation in the nick of time. Peter is a great manipulator, and I’m sure his words and actions towards both women have them believing all kinds of shit. Even the smartest woman has fallen victim to a man’s empty promises. I was once like Amina singing and writing sad love songs. I  was hoping and praying that my heart felt songs would change my situation. I too, was like Tara thinking that my love was powerful enough to change the heart of a man that wanted to have his cake, pies, cookies and the whole damn buffet. The whole situation is just crazy! I’m not justifying the actions of Tara, Amina or Peter, nor am I here to judge them, but what I’m saying is: I understand.

Thank God for my Beverly! You better get you one! 

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