Friday, December 11, 2015

Black Girl Magic

                          Black Girl Magic

You may have seen the hashtags that read: #blackgirlmagic and wondered to yourself what does that mean exactly? Well I’m here to give you some insight as to what #blackgirlmagic (bmg) is. You, yourself possess this super power. Black girl magic is not what you’ve seen in a Disney movie with a little fairy dust and a bippity, boppity, boop! 

No, black girl magic is richer and more potent. Black girl magic is what sustains the black female in the midst of this chaotic world we live in. In a world that writes stories that read we are: “not-rape-able”, “ugly”, “sluts” and “aggressive. Black girl magic is the power to see negative imagery, read negative comments, encounter rudeness, endure discrimination and still carry yourself like a queen, a goddess and in modern terms: a BOSS ASS BITCH! 

Black girl magic is in our ancestral DNA and when we need it most it automatically activates. 

#Blackgirlmagic is being 42 years old and looking 22 years old, maybe it’s Maybeline… Nah it’s Melanin

#Blackgirlmagic is turning a Rainbow outfit into red carpet ready

#Blackgirlmagic is slickin’ dem edges down to perfection, throwing on a red lip, hence going from drab to fab!

#Blackgirlmagic is protecting your kids

#Blackgirlmagic is holdin’ down ya whole squad!

#Blackgirlmagic is the power to be hurt by men emotionally time and time again and still be able to open your heart to love one more time

#Blackgirlmagic is making a 5 star meal on a $15 budget

#Blackgirlmagic is taking a head scarf, making it a head wrap and then a fashion trend

#Blackgirlmagic is restraining yourself when you should have slapped that hoe ass co-worker

#Blackgirlmagic is praying for your enemies as well as your friends

#Blackgirlmagic is loving GOD & Trap music

#Blackgirlmagic is refusing to give up when the odds are against you

#Blackgirlmagic is standing up for what you believe in

My Black Queens continue to spread love and share that Black Girl Magic wherever you go! 


  1. Wow, I love the way you explained this! I definitely LOL'd reading this. Will be sharing!

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