Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Teyana Taylor: A tale of Love, Heartache, and the Ultimate Snapback

Teyana Taylor: A tale of Love, Heartache, and the Ultimate Snapback...

Last night Teyana Taylor was serving mad body and vocal goals out here in these Dallas streets. Ms. Teyanna gave a hell of a show at the infamous Dallas House of Blues, where she performed her entire album, entitled VII (7) Unplugged.  TT, did not come to play with the children. My little sister in my head definitely proved that she was no longer the tom-boyish young lady we were introduced to on MTV’s Sweet 16, but she is a full grown woman that has been through some thangs, i.e.: Public break-up, fake ass friends, new love, new baby and new engagement, all within a span of 3 years. She had the fellas dreaming of sleeping with and R&B chick and the ladies coveting to be as just as bad-ass and sexy as she is. 

The Show:
Teyana showed up and showed out. Her slim-thick, cute self was working that stage and was swinging that good Malaysian hair for dear life. Can we say: Inches! Baby girl’s body was bangin and so were her back-up dancers. TT’s choreography perfectly matched every song. Every song had a story behind it, and Teyana’s charismatic personality illuminated the entire venue as she connected with the audience as if we were her homies from around the way.  The tailor made costuming fit Ms. Taylor like a glove and she let us all know that her SNAPBACK from baby JUNIE was REAL! Teyana is definitely bringing back that good R&B music that seems to have been left in the 90s. She bringing back feel good music that made you unafraid to fall in love.

The Message:
This raw unapologetic album was the soundtrack to my love life for nearly a year. It made me laugh, cry, ponder, and it also healed me. It made me believe in love again. VII resonated so deeply with me because every girl can relate to her heart being on life support because of a nigga that could give two flying fucks about her feelings. But it also gives hope that you, yes girl, you! You are more than enough. The lyrics to Sorry say: I’m sorry you didn’t make me happy and I’m sorry you never learned how, I’m sorry it had to be this way, but my heart is so good now.” Teyana let us know, that we can have our power back and it’s not our fought that the relationship didn’t work; that nigga just never learned how to love you. In the middle of the show, Teyana had a very intimate moment with the crowd, and it seemed as though lil sis was speaking directly to me when she stated: “Don’t become the person that hurt you.” The beauty in the simplicity of her words, was like a sweet symphony to my ears, because often times we as women forget this gem of advice and become lost in our hurt and in turn become the predator that hurt us. However, true love, real love, you know the love that's tailor made for you, can and will heal all past wounds and then you too can put one in the air for love.

P.S. Teyanna is my new sister cause I told her Daddy she’s my little sister and I’m his new daughter. 
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