Aldis Hodge aka Noah
That's Bae!
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When I first laid eyes on Aldis Hodges’ onscreen character Noah on the hit television show, Underground, I knew after the first episode I would run barefoot on hot coals with this dude. I never in my life want to be a slave. I repeat NEVER! But Noah, got me wanting to turn back the hands of time and run to freedom, if I can do it alongside him.
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Initially, I was apprehensive about watching Underground because I was like here we go with another “slave narrative” yet again. But I was captivated by the imagery, the music, the intense scenes and most importantly the storyline. Nothing about slavery was beautiful, at least for Black people it wasn’t. But when you see “Stine” well put together with her nice house dress and perfectly pulled back hair, you can’t help but notice what a looker she is and how relentless she is in protecting her offspring. When you see the love between Noah and Rosalee, played by Mrs. Jurnee Smollett-Bell, you can’t help, but hope for a love so strong and passionate. 
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The crazy part is, they haven’t even made love yet, just hard stares, excessive sweat, and panting. Yet, you can feel and see the passion burning through the screen. Pearlie Mae, before her untimely death represented a Mother’s love, but post death you realize she is better off dead considering her living conditions and how I foresee things only getting worse. There are so many colorful characters, with their own unique backstory, but Aldis’s character Noah, gets me all in my feels.  

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I could weave together all kinds of beautiful words to let you know how great the television show Underground is, but the bottom line is: Noah, played by Alidis Hodge, can get it! He can get it with John Legend singing in the background, while we plan our escape following the drinking gourd and North Star. He can get it in the middle of the cotton fields at high noon when the temperature is 400 degrees hot.  He can have all of me because I definitely want all of him and if I have to travel back 400 years, then so be it. But thanks to a wonderful invention known as the T.V. I don’t have to time travel; I can tune in every Wednesday on WGN at 9pm to catch my boo on the small screen escape to freedom. 


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