Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Tynee Talks "I don't want a Husband..." with Dr. LaToya Owens

In this Tynee Talk, Tynee talks to Dr. LaToya Owens, a featured Black Moms Blog contributing writer about her article entitled: "I Don’t Want A Husband. Signed, A Woman That Doesn’t Want To Be A Wife."

Find out how gender roles, patriarchy, media, and poor advice affects marriage and relationships...

Black Moms Blog Article: https://blackmomsblog.com/i-dont-want...

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  1. I finally found the website, yay! I saw the site name in the YT video description and typed what I saw, but initially got a 404 Error message when I typed in the URL. A google search provided better results. I was looking for the artwork that you mentioned in your interview with Dr. LaToya Owens (I actually paused the video to come look for the artwork) Also, where is the best place to find the podcast? Thanks in advance.
    -Kenya/40 Entrepreneur Drive

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