Monday, June 25, 2018

Tynee Talks: “Dying to be Liked” A Candid Conversation with Kellen Brandon

Tynee Talks: “Dying to be Liked” A Candid Conversation with Kellen Brandon

Pictured: Kellen Brandon CEO of Brandon Publishing
Photo Provided by: Kellen Brandon

On my latest podcast, episode 21 of Tynee Talks, I had the pleasure of talking with CEO of Brand Publishing, Kellen Brandon. Kellen and I discussed the pitfalls of popularity and the destructiveness of dying to be liked by people who are not the authors of your value. The top 5 takeaways:

  •       Popularity is defined by what those around you place value in. When you go against what is the norm, you may often feel ostracized.

  •        Seeking popularity will leave you searching for purpose, but if your purpose leads to popularity, continue to use that popularity for good.

  •        Purpose > is greater than popularity on any day!

  •        In order to find one’s purpose, it may strip you of your popularity and you realize that popularity isn’t in alignment with your true self

  •       Dying to be liked will KILL YOU! It may kill you figuratively or literally, but it will kill you or some aspect of you off!!

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