Wednesday, December 20, 2017

TyneeTalks: I’m still overweight B…

I’m still overweight B…

The Beginning... 
Yo, a few months ago, I went on an epic health journey to shed the pounds. I was super geeked about this journey. I was going to the gym every other day. I was trying hard to reduce my caloric intake. A ninja even got a nutritionist. I had some good days, I had some bad days, and I literally even had some hills to climb, and to my surprise; I’ve only lost a whopping 1-pound B!!! I was salty af, when I did my weigh in. 
Since my last weigh in, my cute little nutritionist told me to increase my protein intake, so that’s what I’m going to do. It’s just that, the cupcakes, cookies and Hershey’s with almonds be calling me like Pookie to his dealer’s house on the first of the month.
I know that fitness isn’t an overnight sensation. I cannot afford Dr. Miami or Dr. Curves. I don’t have my very own Rob Kardashian. So, I guess I’m going to have to stick to the old fashion way of doing things, which includes willpower, self-control, and a commitment to exercise and of course less sugar in my diet. But, I be damned, I sure wish I could afford Dr. Miami. Jesus be a LIPOSCUTION!


  1. 1000 cal on and cardio machine a day then some bad and weights.

    drink LOTS OF WATER. I learned a lot of America's don't be hungry they just be thirsty but their sensor to trigger thirst is so weak that they think hungry.

    Read everything you put in your body you'll be shocked how bad certain things are so much that it will help deter you from eating them and you'll be shocked at how many things you think are good are bad.

    These were my three steps to lose weight not recommend them everybody.

    good luck


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