My Summer as a TEEN MOM aka JENELLE

My Summer as a Teen Mom aka JENELLE
That's Me!!!  My first club experience of Summer Sixteen

 *Disclaimer* No shade to the real Teen Moms out there that are taking care of their children or to the former Teen Moms that have successfully raised their children despite the odds.

I became a Mother six years ago and it has been nothing short of amazing! However, (comma) every now and then we need a break because motherhood isn’t one job, it’s a million jobs under one moniker!  Therefore, I have chronicled my summer as a Teen Mom. I hope you enjoy reading about it as much as I enjoyed experiencing it.***

Around May 2016, my cousin Kendra and I decided that we were going to have an epic summer. Although she lives in Atlanta and I live in Dallas, we made a vow to dedicate Summer Sixteen to ourselves. Since the passing of my Mother in the fall of 2014, I had been in an emotional funk. The sun didn’t seem as sun shiny since she transitioned beyond the clouds and so I was determined to take heed to Drake’s song, Summer Sixteen and personify his lyrics in my life. I was looking for revenge all summer sixteen. I needed revenge against Summer Fifteen, because that summer had me sad, depressed, heartbroken, and utterly confused. I wanted to play dirty and not clean and just enjoy myself. So that’s exactly what I did…

Fast forward to June 2016 and my kid leaves for Michigan to stay with his Dad for the summer.  (Rubs hands like Birdman) 
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And that my friends is when my new life as a Teen Mom began. Many of you may or may not be familiar with MTV’s long running reality show Teen Mom, and if you are, you know that half of them girls are the worst depictions of a Teen Mom or any type of Mom for that matter. But, the worst one of `em all is JENELLE. 
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So, as a running joke between me and my best friend, Tonika, I decided to take on some of the characteristics of Teen Mom staple and resident bad girl, Jenelle, who many of my Facebook friends dubbed as “the worst one”! Although, I wasn’t as reckless or careless as Janelle, she became my alter ego for the summer. All summer I was carefree, uninhibited and super Lit! 

How to become a Teen Mom… There are only 5 steps (In my Dru Hill voice)!

Step 1: Cast your offspring off to someone else! In my case I sent him to live with his other 50%. I had no child care expenses and I didn’t have to comb the Earth for a baby sitter! #WIN

Step 2: Turn all the way up!!!

Step 3: Forget the haters! (Don't give a F**k what anyone thinks) Famous words of Jenelle

Step 4: Check on your child sometimes… Geez!

Step 5: Do some things you’ve never done before!

Summer Sixteen went as follows: 
Painted a Masterpiece S/O to The Purple One 

Really get into Kanye's workout plan so you land you an NBA player or at least a dude with a car... It works!!!

Treat yourself... This was a luxury I can't do when I'm Adulting and being a real Mom!! 

Give back to your community (HashtaglunchbafFlint Board Members)

Do Something you've never done before like: travel to California,climb a mountain, and then Twerk on  it!

Love your body and go to the pool in a bangin swimsuit

Attend a futuristic Silent Party  in North Hollywood and catch up with old friends! 

Attempt to go to the BET Awards, but encounter all manner of craziness that can only happen in LA LA LAND aka Hollywood

Be good to yourself, pop bottles, and smile

Oh and Lastly, get your kid back!!!!!!

Oh and so much more happened, but I'd be typing for days if I included everything...



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