Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Tynee Talks to Pleasure Coach Steven Smith

Tynee Talks to Pleasure Coach Steven Smith

On my latest podcast I'm discussing sex and pleasure with Pleasure Coach Steven Smith.  Get tips on how to please your woman or your man from an expert on sex and mind seduction. Click on the Link Below and listen to the full interview.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018



Photo Credits: Entertainment Weekly 

It’s not every day, they we get to witness history in the making. Just like the ancestors before us, who knew where they were when Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his historical “I have a dream” speech. Or how it felt when Barack Obama was elected as the 44th President of the United States of America. There was something special in the atmosphere on those occasions and I feel like that same vibe is in the air, surrounding Marvel’s breakout hit, Black Panther. Everything about this moment is super lit! The cast, the script, the delivery of dialogue, the timing, and costumes come to together organically to make this movie, a historical moment. And I’m happy to say that I got a chance to experience this moment with my son and good friends.
Photo Credit: Shawn Saffold

Now that we got that out of the way let’s talk about the 3 men in Black Panther that had my ovaries doing acrobatics and cartwheels
Photo Credit: Marvel & Google Images

Exhibit A: King T’Challa. Leader of the Wakandans. Fine chocolate, regal, honorable. T’Challa represents what it means to have to pay for the sins of the father. But having the will to right wrongs even when it’s not the most popular thing to do. Loyal to his country and his people.  

Photo Credit: Marvel Studios & Google Images
Exhibit B: Erik Killmonger- Leader of the Lost Tribe. Fine af! Body of a GOD. Strong, strong-willed, determined and resilient. The connection between Africa and America. A true definition of an African-American. A revolutionary. A man with a heart for his people globally. A man who refuses to be silenced. A seeker of justice. A man who studied and took on his oppressors’ ways in an effort to overcome and defeat them and make his people reign supreme!

Exhibit C: M’baku the leader of the Jabari Tribe in Wakanda. Powerful. Big. Beautiful. This is a man humble enough to accept defeat in an honorable way (You have to watch the movie to understand this reference). A man I’m willing to bore children for. A man of colossal stature. A man who comes through in the clutch. A protector of women. A protector of his people. A man of honor. A man not afraid to silence the oppressor. A gentle giant. A man who has the discernment of when to react and when to lay low in the cut. A man that I’m trying to be captured by and held captive with for a couple of forevers. 

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

TyneeTalks: The School to Prison Pipeline

Tynee Talks: The School to Prison Pipeline

The School to Prison Pipeline is important to me because I’m raising a Young BLACK male student in the American school system. I’ve seen first-hand how a Black male child student, can be demonized and assigned adult punishments for child-like behavior just because of his skin. It’s a sad reality to watch and experience.

Pushing students out of school and straight into the prison industrial complex is what the School to Prison Pipeline is. Targeting students of color is a real practice. Why? Because prisons are being built and someone has to fill them up. How does it happen? Well, it starts in the classroom, when teachers overreact to minor infractions. Like, the student who sleeps in class. Grant it, the student is asleep, but did the teacher talk with the student to find out why? Chances are, the teacher automatically writes the student up, or kicks the student out of the classroom.  Zero tolerance policies play a major role in the push-out of students. For example, a student disagrees with their teacher, instead of the teacher engaging in open dialogue as to why the student disagrees, the teacher will call the student insubordinate and then kick them out of school. Lastly, how the teacher chooses to handle students that they feel are inferior. The lack of cultural competence among K-12 educators allows prejudice and fear to guide their decisions.
Therefore, further disengaging students and pushing them into the school to prison pipeline so that corporations can get free labor and continue the cycle of slavery. Ahhhh the sweet taste of CAPITALISM!

The learn more about the school to prison pipeline, listen to the Tynee Talks Podcast to continue the discussion. Click the Link… 

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

TyneeTalks: Are You Broke & Bougie

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Tynee Talks about Credit, Being Broke and Bougie Plus the New spin-off Grown.ish starring Yara Shahidi and teen drug use!

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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

TyneeTalks: I’m still overweight B…

I’m still overweight B…

The Beginning... 
Yo, a few months ago, I went on an epic health journey to shed the pounds. I was super geeked about this journey. I was going to the gym every other day. I was trying hard to reduce my caloric intake. A ninja even got a nutritionist. I had some good days, I had some bad days, and I literally even had some hills to climb, and to my surprise; I’ve only lost a whopping 1-pound B!!! I was salty af, when I did my weigh in. 
Since my last weigh in, my cute little nutritionist told me to increase my protein intake, so that’s what I’m going to do. It’s just that, the cupcakes, cookies and Hershey’s with almonds be calling me like Pookie to his dealer’s house on the first of the month.
I know that fitness isn’t an overnight sensation. I cannot afford Dr. Miami or Dr. Curves. I don’t have my very own Rob Kardashian. So, I guess I’m going to have to stick to the old fashion way of doing things, which includes willpower, self-control, and a commitment to exercise and of course less sugar in my diet. But, I be damned, I sure wish I could afford Dr. Miami. Jesus be a LIPOSCUTION!

Friday, September 22, 2017

Tynee Talks: I’m Fat AF and it’s a problem…The Journey with Jen

Tynee Talks: I’m Fat AF and it’s a problem…The Journey with Jen
Me and Jen

Let me start off by saying that I’ve been off balance and I’ve missed ya’ll. It seems like when you become off balance in one area of your life, it trickles down to other parts as well. My unbalanced life started when I lost my job in August of 2017. I knew my job was coming to an end, but as the day drew closer, my anxiety grew bigger, and my appetite grew even larger. As I began to eat my sorrows away and stress eat like no tomorrow, unbalance began showing up on my body. This became evident when I realized I was tipping the scales.
Actual photo of how I look!!! Yikes!
A wise rapper once said, “Women lie, men lie, numbers don’t lie!” And that dude was right! The scale determined that I was beginning to spiral out of control and it was taking a toll on my health. My stomach started to look like I was 107 seven weeks pregnant, my back began to ache like an 87 year old patient with chronic muscle spasms, and I began popping out of my clothes like a can of Pillsbury dough. Something had to give, and I didn’t want it to be my favorite pair of jeans. So, like any normal human, I ran to Facebook with my problems. Because you know, Facebook is the solver of all things! LOL! Anyway, I put an APB out on Facebook, and made a status explaining that I looked a hot mess and could someone please help me fight my fat demons; and guess, what someone came to my aid. That someone was one of my best friend’s older sister, Steph. Steph, then connected me to Jennifer and this is where the story begins…

On Wednesday, September 20, 2017, and I get a call from Steph to meet up at her place for some fitness tips and health supplements. Steph tells me I need to try LEAN. I’m looking like, really bih?
You trying to get me to die like Pimp C? She’s like no crazy, it’s a natural supplement made by ID Life, which will boost your metabolism and help suppress your sugar cravings. She then says, “Just talk to my trainer Jennifer, she’ll explain all the benefits.” I’m like okay, cool.

In a twist of fate, I happened to have met Jen, exactly one week ago, and had no idea that, we would embark on a journey together. Last Friday, September 15, 2017, I went to my local park to join up with Camp Gladiator. Camp Gladiator is a fitness organization I joined a few weeks ago. I usually attend Camp on Saturday’s, but I was free last Friday, so I went to the morning fitness class. As you can imagine, I was struggling out here in these streets. I was running slower than the rest of the campers, out of breath after every exercise, and I low-key wanted to punch my instructor every time she said, “20 more seconds!” But then, this angelic white woman with beautiful brown eyes, kept encouraging me like the whole time. I was looking like, is she being facetious or is she being for real? I couldn’t tell, because I was on the brink of an asthma attack.

Fast forward to today, Friday, September 22, 2017, I promised Steph, that I’d meet up with her and her friend Jennifer. I was late to Camp, so I hadn’t had a chance to talk with Steph and meet her friend. When Camp was over Steph wanted to me to meet her friend Jennifer, who happened to be Jen, my angelic cheerleader from the previous week. I was floored!!! Long story short, Jennifer will be helping me battle the bulge, and I want all my readers to follow my journey. Wish me luck! 

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

#TyneeTalks: Every Black Woman Should Attend Essence Festival

#TyneeTalks: Every Black Woman Should Attend Essence Festival

The world renowned Essence Festival took place this past Fourth of July weekend (June 29th-July2nd) in Nawlins (New Orleans). This spectacular festival, hosted by Essence Magazine, the magazine for “Today’s Black Woman”, has been taking place for the past 23 years, and I’m just trying to figure out why it took me so long to attend this oasis of Melanin Magic! I got my whole life together while walking through the hot, humid streets of New Orleans. From the time I stepped off the plane, I was immediately welcomed, and everybody and they Mama knew that I was there for the festival that brings thousands of beautiful Black women from across the globe to fellowship with one another.  I felt a kindred spirit in the Big Easy; I felt at home. My relationship with NOLA dates back to my Freshmen year of college when I attended the prestigious HBCU, Dillard University, located in the 7th Ward. However, back then I didn’t get a chance to attend the Essence Fest and I’m low-key mad about it.

It is important that I stress that every Black woman should attend Essence Fest before she dies! Essence is unapologetically BLACK, and for that I am grateful. The 3-day festival is jam packed with everything Black girls love: live music, make-up booths, free haircare products catered to “our” hair, celebrities, fine BLACK
MEN, food, inspirational seminars, church, and gospel music. The fest literally caters to today’s Black woman, both young and old. There is something for everyone, ranging from the Disney booth that brought the magic of Disney World to middle of the convention center, to the Ford sponsored block party that bridged the gap of all generations. Not to mention all the free gift bags and free hair care product samples that are going to last for the next six months.

 If the free products and gift bags aren’t enough to motivate you to bring you to the bottom of the boot, let me put emphasis on the sisterhood and bonds you form while there. It’s not rare to see Black women hugging each other, complimenting one another, asking for fashion and hair tips, and just genuinely celebrating each other at Essence. Oh, and I must reiterate, the men! They are just absolutely heavenly. I mean there’s so much more, I can say, but I’ll leave you on this note: START PLANNING YOUR TRIP TO NOLA FOR ESSENCE FEST 2018 NOW!!! You will not be disappointed!